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How to block Facebook groups spam posts with Google Sites links

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Does this boil your blood?


So you run a Facebook group and you’re probably sick to death with spam posts from users with such claims as “Make £315.97 working from home” and many others?. What these scams have in common is that they all want you to click on a link that points to a website hosted at I’ve even seen one post where a guy was asking for a lift to Birmingham and was offering around £350 for the privilege. When you click into the comments again there is a link to a Google site. You will often notice that the person comments on their own post and then turns commenting off for it. This is usually because people like myself try to warn others of the scamming nature of these people.

Well after some digging around we have a simple solution that stops this dead in its tracks. Read on for step by step instructions on how to achieve this.

Step 1

Locate admin assist from within the group admin screen

Step 2

From this screen, you should see options to decline incoming posts. Click the  “Post contains links to specific sites” option by selecting the three-dot icon to the right.

Step 3

Add entries for both and as 2 separate entries.

And that’s it, the spammers are stopped! this will only work for the scams that have the Google Sites links but these count for a large proportion of current Facebook groups scams and this fix stops them dead!

Please pass this on to other groups and we can completely stop this.